Photo courtesy of Porttia Portis

Photo courtesy of Porttia Portis


Brie Banks is from Dallas, TX. This twenty-six-year old photographer is making a name for herself in the underground scene. Using her roots in both music and the beauty industry, Brie has turned her creative goals into a blossoming career in style and aesthetics.

Brie’s stylistic expression and personality are complementary, distinguishable and easily represented in her photography. You will find influences from nature, minimalism, fashion, and nods to a celebration of Black culture in her creative work.  Along with photography, she also dips her hands in fashion styling, where she prides herself in catering to fashion for all bodies and budgets. 

With cumulative educational influence from sociology, non-profit, business and communications, it’s no wonder this creative’s favorite quote is, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Brie Banks’ portfolio includes creative and commercial work for Exchange to Change, Hepicat, Drugstore Cowboy, and Cicely Rue, LLC. She currently lives in Dallas, pursuing her dreams to become a creative director. You can find her tucked away in her home studio in the suburbs burning incense and perfecting her craft.